In his own words, Moomin will only say that he is "simply a music-lover".

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Tour Dates

  • Saturday 31st August 2019

    WOLF Music 10th Birthday at Mick's Garage, London, GB

  • Saturday 19th October 2019

    at Mejeriet, Lund, SE

  • Wednesday 30th October 2019

    Smallville at Watergate, Berlin, DE

  • Saturday 14th December 2019

    at Off Yard, Frankfurt am Main, DE


In the wake of The Story About You, his 2011 breakout debut, Moomin was praised for the “resplendent naturalism,” that resides within his “beautiful, introspective take on house music”; he had cast a spell of “modern house music magic”, with a sound that “you can listen to anytime, anywhere.” The acclaim was universal. Yet in his own words, Moomin will only say that he is "simply a music-lover".

In the wake of that unmissable debut, Moomin has further defined his unique inner-world sound through a series of releases for kindred spirit imprints Smallville, Wolf, Laid, Fuck Reality and Aim. He also inked a passion project vinyl and tape label, Closer, which matched a perfect name to the tactile and intimate nature of his productions. Now with his third album, Yesterday`s tomorrows, those unmistakable Moomin signatures allow for even deeper explorations; luxuriating in warm textures, subtly toying with shifting tones, and teasing out compositions of understated complexity.

The Moomin moniker first appeared in 2010, but even then he was no newcomer. A deep appreciation of music had surfaced early at an early age, as he diligently assembled volumes of taped radio recordings. His interests circled around hip hop, funk and jazz in the early 1990s, and soon he was drawn to the world of vinyl DJing, with his first productions emerging shortly after.

Since arriving in Berlin in 2007, Moomin has left an indelible mark on the capital’s sprawling club scene, with sets at Panorama Bar, Tresor and About Blank to name just a few. The last few years have seen his influence go further afield, as he has circled the globe for DJ and live sets for clubs and festivals in London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo.

With Yesterday`s tomorrows and further expressions of Moomin's thoughtful, organic hypnotism on the horizon, you can expect much, much more from this talented producer in 2018 and beyond.

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